Money Money Money…

We’ve updated how we display and process currencies in order to be more flexible to the needs of our customers.

Previously, all prices have been presented in US dollars, but now we’ve changed how we display our prices. The default currency is now Pound Sterling as we are based in the UK, but we’ve introduced a currency switcher to make it easier to understand our prices. We aim to offer the best value to our customers and now it’s just a click away to check.

When browsing the site, a clever bit of code will attempt to locate you and display the appropriate currency. If it hasn’t got it quite right, simply click the correct currency on the right hand side of the page to display prices in your preferred moolah.

We’re working on implementing both Apple Pay and Android Pay too, so watch out for even more methods to get yummy British food delivered to you, worldwide.

Have we missed your prefered currency? Let us know in the comments and we’ll look to implement this for you.

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