Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buying products from abroad can be confusing. 

From the strange date systems, to confusion regarding the difference between best before dates and expiry dates, there’s a lot of unfamiliar territory. Below, we try to answer your most commonly asked questions. Have a query we’ve yet to answer? Get in touch!

What is a ‘best before date’?

Best before dates are about quality, not safety. The food typically just begins to gradually lose its flavour and texture after that date, nothing more.

Best before dates appear on a wide range of dried, tinned and other foods.

This is not an expiry date – the food is perfectly safe to eat after this date, but it may not taste as wonderful as it did a prior to the best before date.

What does ‘Use By’ mean?

Use by dates refer to safety and you will see on food that goes off quickly, such as fish, meat products and ready-prepared salads. We don’t stock products with such dates.

What do ‘Display Until’ & ‘Sell By’ mean?

Date marks such as display until or sell by often appear near or next to the best before or use by date. These are instructions for shop staff, not for shoppers.

What’s with those weird dates?

The European and British convention for dates is Day/Month/Year. So, if a product has a best before date written as, for example, 13/07/2017, then this will be the 13th July 2017.


Our prices are displayed in Pound Sterling as we are based in the UK. We do have a currency converter widget that can be used as a helpful guide but due to the nature of international transfers and exchange rates it’s possible for a small discrepancy to occur.