We will ship your order within one business day of receiving it. Our standard delivery method is via Royal Mail . Shipping is charged based on the actual weight of the items you buy, so there’s no need to purchase a large amount to justify the large shipping costs of our competitors.

Our deliveries typically take 10-14 days to reach you lovely people in the USA. We typically use good old Royal Mail to deliver all your tasty treats.

Country / Region Rates

We strive to get the best possible rates for our deliveries. Shipping costs per country or region are set out as below and are in USD.

USA – $5.99 per kilogram plus $0.50

Canada & Mexico – $6.99 per kilogram plus $0.50

Israel – $6.99 per kilogram plus $0.50

Middle East – $6.99 per kilogram plus $0.50

Australasia – $10.99 per kilogram plus $0.50

China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea & Malaysia – $10.99 per kilogram plus $0.50

India & Pakistan – $10.99 per kilogram plus $0.50

South Africa – $11.99 per kilogram plus $0.50

Europe – $9.99 per kilogram plus $2

Customs and Import Charges

You may be charged import feeds or duties for your order so you are strongly advised to research this before placing an order. There are also importation restrictions on certain British products in parts of the world. Kinder Surprise Eggs, for example, are banned in the USA, as are certain animal products.